New Zealand Life

NZ Life 2

When i am not traveling the world i reside on an organic fruit farm with a spring water source 40km south of Auckland CBD called Heartland Farm. The farm is located near a small but growing rural town called Pokeno, known for it’s delicious ice creams and bacon.

I always get asked by travelers i meet overseas “what’s life like in New Zealand?” and so i have recently decided to V-Log my adventures while i am here in New Zealand. Documenting my life on the organic farm, my thoughts and insights, life in the city, the countryside, the beaches, mountains, hikes, the people, tourist spots, food, beverage, travel life and a whole lot more New Zealand Life.

I hope this part of my blog helps people who anticipate coming here to my beautiful country and enlightens them with insights into Life In New Zealand. Kia Ora!.