On The Road In Rarotonga

On The Road In Raro copy
The Cook Islands, just the name drifts you away from your busy-bee 9-5pm routine. Sunshine to bake you nicely with a tan, white sandy beaches, blue lagoon swimming, hula girls, coconuts galore, that was the picture of what i imagined the Cook Islands to be before i left to visit it, it was all that plus more.
I’ve always wanted to go there especially to Rarotonga, the stories about it, the experiences i’ve heard from others has put Rarotonga on my list of must do’s.
I spent 7 days in Rarotonga and still could have done more, there is actually quite a bit to do and see. Everyday i would be up 5am to go for a 1 hour walk up a mountain then back for a swim in the lagoon then breakfast then the rest of the day visiting places around the island. One thing i have learned while visiting places overseas is to see and do as much as i can while i am there as i may never ever be back there. This is purely my own travel style others may just want to just chill pool side most of their day in the resort that’s ok to, each to their own travel style.
I hope my travel blog videos of my time in Rarotonga help inspire you to visit this beautiful island and experience the Cook Island culture. Kia Orana!

Click here to checkout the ‘On The Road In Rarotonga’ video series
(Uenuku Journeys With Wiri Wiz Te Moni)



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