Just In Time But Not This Time Perth

Perth copy
Video: On The Road In Perth & Freemantle With Wiri Wiz Te Moni

It’s Sept 2015 and it’s early autumn season here in New Zealand and i’m off to Europe for 2 months with my former room/villa mate and cousin ‘JJ’. We’ve planned this trip for well over a year now with many chop and changes in preparation leading up to this big day.

Our first stop is Perth Australia, where we will visit and stay with one of JJ’s aunties who was scheduled to join us overseas but due to some personal reasons cannot make the 2 month journey with us.
Aunty Ann shows us around Perth, her op shops, her food hangouts and takes us on a fun train ride down to Freemantle where we visit shops, the parks, beach, wharf and restaurants, it’s my first real get away to another city in another country since 2008, this is such a clean tidy little seaside town full of historic buildings and a chillaxin type atmosphere.
Perth-Freemantle copy
Over the next couple of days i head to see my extended family and friends and organise my DJ Gig night at bar in small coastal town in Perth called Kwinana. The gig isn’t packed but we have a nice humming crowd attend, family, friends and local public make up the numbers im happy with the short notice turn out and the door take.

PerthGIG copy
It’s midnight and the gig finishes i pack up the gear and say goodbye to friends and family who came out. I have to pick up JJ shes somewhere in Perth with her family, it’s 1am our flight to Dubai leaves at 6.05am. I turn on my phone  it says 10% batt life left, i’m like WTF!, wheres that address JJ  gave me, i manage to find it in her texts to me, i write it down at that moment my iphone switches off!! batt depleted!. Luckily i caught the number and street name. I jump in the car and race to the highway leading back to Perth in our rented car, i come to the highway turnoff theres a petrol station just before it i pop into the petrol station it’s now 1.45am.

The petrol station attendant is no where to be seen, i’m thinking they must be in the loo OMG!!. I wait for a minute then she comes out to the window apologetic. I ask her if she can help me find the location of the address JJ gave me she obliges and grabs her iphone and starts searching for it on her map app how nice!. After sometime we find the address on her phone app and i say thank you i jump in the car and race to the highway while looking at the directions the petrol station attendant wrote out for me it’s now 2.10am.
I follow the instructions carefully but somehow i have ended up east of Perth and not North, i quickly stop in at another petrol station, the attendant puts me back on the right track and im off again.
By now i’m thinking JJ must have left her families house and probably gone to the airport, thoughts race through my mind, ‘shall i goto the airport’, ‘or keep on my path to her family house’. It’s now 2.35am and check in cut off time is at 4.30am.

I manage to find the suburb and after some searching in the orange lit streets i find the address. I pull up behind a car in the driveway, the back passenger door opens in the car JJ steps out and sense of relief comes over me ‘yes i made it’. JJ was about to leave to goto the airport with family so my timing was spot on. It’s now 3.15am and we need to head to the airport and drop off the car.  We say farewell to JJ’s family and we head to Perth Airport using JJ’s nav app on her phone. After 30-40mins driving we find ourselves in the area near the airport, well thats what the signs say. I remember the car rental guy saying to me when i return the car to Perth Airport be careful of the road works as it could divert you away from the airport. Guess what!.

Yup those road works diverted us away from the airport not only that our app was playing up OMG!. I’m thinking to myself this is great we are lost, is this what the rest of the 2 months is going to be like?. It’s now 4am and we have being driving around in circles sometimes going over the same bridge twice i spot some bright lights and some cars heading to them i follow them. Yes it’s the airport! what a relief!, but the time is 4.10 and i’ve just got to the drop off park outside the airport, JJ jumps out and i tell her to take her luggage and run to the check in for us. It’s now 4.15am and i have to find where i need to drop this rental car off to. I circle around the carpark twice it’s now starting to rain with a drizzle i’m thinking ‘oh great when it rains it pours, at that moment the drizzle turns to thunderous pours. It’s now 4.18am and i’m now searching a part of the airport with car rental signs, i spot ‘budget rentals’ through my rain pelted windshield, yes!!! i race to a carpark and drop the car off, give it a quick clean and head on my way it’s now 4.22am.

I’m running like a 100m sprinter getting drenched in rain with my luggage to the check in counter i head into the airport from the east side, our check in counter is right down the west side ohh great!. It’s now 4.25am and i’m sprinting with luggage in tow, i have to drop the key into the budget rental dropbox at their counter, but where is their counter? i search for it and find it, it’s now 4.27am and after some brisk walking past other travelers in the airport i reach JJ she’s at the counter with a emirates rep, a huge relief comes over me and i burst out laughing  it’s 4.28am and i just laugh and say yes made it, ‘not this time Perth not this time!‘. I find my seat on the plane and look out the window and take this photo.
Perth Airport copyI chuckle to myself and i look at JJ and we burst out laughing from that little adventure, i can’t help thinking to myself this is going to be an exciting fun trip and we just started. I put on my headphones and play a movie and layback in my flightseat for a well deserved sleep to our next destination…Dubai…

On The Road In Perth & Freemantle


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