Recap On 2015 & Looking Into 2016

Recap On 2015 copy 2

Kia ora friends and family, how did 2015 pan out for you?, did you complete or even attempt what you set out to do at the start of the 2015 year? if not will you attempt to start or finish it this year?. It’s always interesting to know how we sit with our goals and intentions and then look back and gauge the journey this helps in our development and evolvement and in my opinion shows your character in determination and focus.
How did 2015 pan out for me?. In a nutshell i couldn’t have asked for a more jam packed year from business successes to finally making it on the radio waves in my hometown, to djing overseas, and eventually ending up in europe visiting 14 countries in 2 months and concluding the trip at the finals of the rugby world cup in London and watching our team win it!. Certainly a whirlwind year for me but the highlight has been chillaxin and kicking back with family around the xmas and new years holiday period. For me it’s just a cushion time to be in the company of loved ones.
Back in 2014 i set my plan for 2015 and hit 110% of all my goals the 10% being extra goals i managed to squeeze in there along the way!. During my trip in Europe i had already set goals for 2016 believe it or not which is the reason i have setup this blog journey page with the intention of syncing it together with the videos i filmed and created during my time in Europe they will form the body of my next direction for 2016 which is….more travel!.
Actually the goal is to full time travel and working my online businesses from anywhere on the planet to keep the travel fund floating, weather it’s in the Aussie outback or the Great Wall or New York the goal is to travel, work smart, observe, experience, inspire, live. The action plan is already underway with me upgrading new travel gear, filming equipment along with a few trips already organized away from NZ early in the year and more long term stints mid year on wards. Hope some of you can join the adventures somewhere along the way to and in doing so can achieve your goals to. Oneness.


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