Humble Beginnings

Humble Beginnings copy
Kia Ora and hello,

If you’ve made it to this blog i welcome you for joining me on this journey. I’m Wiri Te Moni some know me as DJ Wiz in my DJ/Radio profession.
Wiri copy
It wasn’t so long ago (8 years) i was in Sydney Australia visiting my sister and i was thinking i wonder where i would travel to next. Well that was like 8 years ago and since then i have been cemented around the urban jungle of Auckland New Zealand watching the days go by and living a much appreciated life on an organic farm in Pokeno.

Heartland Farm copy

Then one day it just comes to you, that thought of you needing to get out and venture a little, see some countries, some sites, more people. At first it’s just a passing thought then over time it keeps hammering your head slowly manifesting into something bigger until we give in and action those thoughts. Funnily enough this is what we all go through it’s called following our dreams and achieving our goals.

Travel hasn’t been my thing at all or so i thought, my life has had many turns and adventures without going overseas. My biggest step over the past 5 years was giving up the ‘9am-5pm’ routine which takes away most of our life to a point where we just exist. I have been working since i was 8 years old and back then in my house my father would kick my ass if i never went out to get a job or look for work.
I worked through my school years sometimes a normal day in high school for me would be, milk-run 4am, school 8am, milk-run 4pm, home 10pm mum would always have dinner waiting then it was homework then sleep. Throughout my school years i worked for my money in fact my first car i got with my brother was a Austin Maxi we called ‘the blue blazer’, this bomb of a car was actually our most prized possession, yes it would putt smoke on every turn and we would get laughed at by students walking to school, but on stormy, rainy days we were the ones laughing as those students would be drenching in the rain. RIP blue blazer.
Leaving the 9-5pm rat race was actually quite liberating, and a feeling of joy overwhelms you like never before it’s like the feeling of finding your lost phone, or lost wallet. No i don’t condone leaving your jobs right now if anything it will take time depending on each persons circumstance, some enjoy their jobs and that’s great, keep doing what makes you happy. What i do know is that we need balance and we can only have our baskets full with so much and sometimes if not all the time it is great to keep emptying it out to learn things, new ways, new insights, new experiences to take us out of comfort zones and ultimately to evolve. This is what living is all about.

My next step was moving from the city to an organic fruit farm and living life simple and away from the noise and ‘rat race’. I knew very little about organic fruit farming/permaculture 4 years ago, but now i am a big time advocator of it worldwide. I have appreciated every moment in this lifestyle and have learned amazing things and met some awesome people on this lifestyle journey which in some funny way has landed me back on this travel the world path.
I have built up some great relationships with friends, family and networks over the past few years while living the organic lifestyle, most of these people have been from overseas and i know i will connect with those people again on my travels far and wide this is something i value highly.

Currently i am self employed with my own businesses, basically working when i want, how i want with no one to tell me what to do and how to do it.
My aim is to fully transition to my online businesses only so i can work them from anywhere on the planet, more on that later as I’ll be bringing out an e-book on how I’m doing that.

I am by no means a writer in any manner but i don’t think it matters right as long as it makes sense i say. I’m hoping from doing this blog about my travels i can help inspire others to go out and achieve their goals and dreams and pursue their passions, which in this society gets pushed down to the bottom of our basket as we are to engaged into survival mode and making ends meet and for some it may seem near impossible to achieve any of their dreams given their current life situation or circumstance. But there is always a way, and i will share with you some of those ways on my journeys and which I’m hoping will slowly help you to untangle the chains that keep us in a place we sometimes or most times hate to be in.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step ~ Lao Tzu

the journey begins let’s go……………


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